Zorro Scootbike, foldable carrier for one scooter and one (eletric) bicycle

Width light bar 195 cm
Width of gutters Scooter 195 cm, Bicycle 167 cm
Depth folded up 30 cm
Depth unfolded 85 cm
Load capacity 150 kg
Material KTL and powdercoated steel with aluminium components
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New by Memo: Zorro Scootbike, foldable carrier for one scooter and one (eletric) bicycle

The ideal scooter carrier for motorhomes is now available for one scooter and one bicycle. This way you can take your scooter and bicycle with you on holiday with ease. Thanks to the extension for one bicycle and the load capacity of 150 kg, the Zorro is very suited to carry one scooter and one bicycle. In addition, the Zorro is optionally available with modern LED lighting on the light bar at an additional cost.

When the carrier is not in use, it is easily foldable without any tools. This way you save around 55 cm/21.6 inches, ideal for example in storage or on ferries.

For the scooter there is a loading ramp and wheelfix for the scooter rail supplied standard. This is a wheel clamp that conveniently secures the front wheel. We advise to fasten the scooter to the carrier with the optional scooter fixation kit.

For the bicycle there is a bike arm and a set of bike shoes for each bike supplied standard to secure the bike. 

The strong frame of the carrier is made out of steel which is equipped with KTL and powder coating to prevent from rust. The gutters, light bar and components are made out of aluminium, which keeps te carrier light.

- Easily foldable, this saves around 55 cm/21.6 inches.

- Load capacity up to 150 kg.

- Fits to each chassis extension or Al-Ko chassis.

- Easily removable without tools.

- Optionally available with a LED lights.

The Zorro is also available as a scooter carrier for one scooter.

The Zorro is now also available as a bicycle carrier. The Zorro 3bike for three (electric) bicycles or the Zorro 4bike for four (electric) bicycles.

* The load capacity of the carrier is always subdue to the chassis of the vehicle.

Our bicycle carriers are suitable for transporting bicycles and e-bikes, standard supplied with bike shoes (with straps) and bicycle arms. We recommend that you always secure the bikes extra with a strap for safety. In addition, a wide variety of bicycle models is available, which means that additional fasteners may be necessary for the safe transport of your bicycles. These additional resources are not standard supplied. Contact your dealer or our team for additional bike shoes and/or arms.

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