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Bike cover Premium for folding bike rack like the  M-Star, Revo-Star, Travel-Star.

With this specific designed bike cover, your bikes are protected to the maximum. The bike cover can be closed all around thanks to the velcro and the bikes can be easily accessed with the zipper on the front. Elastics are included to secure the cover.

  • The cover is provided with a window to place a hazard plate, the hazard plate can be added as an option.
  • The cover is made out of water resistant polyester.
  • The cover is designed for chassis mounted bike racks.

The advantages of the Premium bike cover relative to base model: 8463-2460:

  • Better fit.
  • Wider dimensions.
  • Holes are closed more seamlessly.
  • Closes all around with middle flap and two side flaps at the bottom.
  • The cover fits completely over the bars at the back, no loose flaps, zippers and / or Velcro as with all other covers.
  • The cover can be fully zipped on the front. For this you only need to 'pull' the cover once and the bikes can be taken in and out of the cover, without having to remove the cover.
  • Better fabric, stronger seams.
  • Equipped with extra 'lashing eyes' to be able to tighten the cover even more tightly around and on the underside in particular.
  • All required straps and cords are included.

Dimensions of the bike cover:

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