Shorty trailer for motorhomes (model for scooter)

Width light bar 200 cm
Width of gutters 195 cm
Length, from drawbar to light bar 200 cm
Load capacity 150 kg, in this specification
Material galvanized steel frame, axle, drawbar with anodized aluminium constructions parts
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For the transport of scooters and motorbikes motorhome owners often fall back on scooter carriers that are fitted onto the chassis. However, these carriers only have a limited payload and will influence the driving behaviour in a negative way. Driving around with a Shorty is driving around without constraints and assures a smooth, fuel-efficient ride and hence spares the motorhome.
Memo offers a small and agile trailer for leisure, whose characteristics enable higher payloads and moving through narrow curves flawlessly. Lightweight, flexibility, agility and versatility all come together in the Shorty motorhome trailer.
The width of the trailer is deliberately adjusted to the width of motorhomes. This way the Shorty will not disappear in the dead corners and the side marker lights are always visible in the side mirrors. Driving in reverse is made easier as well, due to its great visibility. This trailer offers an easy and secure way of transporting your scooter, bicycles or motorbike.
As the scooter or motorbike is transported across the grain, sensibility for sidewinds is reduced to a minimum and stability is significantly improved. Its compact dimensions make sure it doesn’t form an obstacle on camp sites and it can easily be flipped over with the optional tilting system, allowing you to store the trailer vertically and thus space-saving. The Shorty is aligned in such a manner that it can be manoeuvred easily and rotates on its axis, even when it is laden. Four eyebolts for securing the scooter or motorbike, loading ramps, light bar, platform and Wheel holder are all included in the standard delivery of each Shorty model. Four different standard models are available for the corresponding means of transportation. A Shorty can easily be adapted to your personal requirements and can meet customer specific needs.

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