M-Star, foldable motorhome bicycle carrier

Width light bar Approx. 175 cm
Depth folded up Approx. 30 cm
Depth unfolded Approx. 70 cm
Load capacity 75 kg (suitable for 2 E-bikes or 3 regular bicycles)
Type approval
EC approval E4 26 R-03 0412
Material Powder coated steel with aluminium components
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This chassis mounted bicycle carrier can carry up to two E-bikes and is fitted at knee height to avoid having to lift the heavy E-bikes high onto the carrier. This solves most problems for E-bike users and if lifting the E-bikes is not possible at all, a bike ramp is available as an option.
The bicycle carrier is easily removable, and it can be folded up as well. Neither action requires tools. This saves space not only on your camp site, but also on the ferry and when it is not being
used. Folding the bicycle carrier saves you up to 40 cm of unused space.

The M-Star can be fitted onto most motorhomes with either an Al-Ko chassis or suitable chas- sis extensions. We can supply your motorhome accordingly with either chassis extensions or reinforcement kits to allow the M-Star to be fitted. Thanks to the European type approval no registration or administrative hassle is required.

The bike rails, bike holders, cross bar and light bar are constructed from lightweight aluminium. For reasons of durability and strength all other parts are constructed from powdercoated steel.

Removable without tools.

Can be fitted in combination with a towbar.

Video: M-Star foldable bike carrier for motorhome.

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