New Zorro range

New Zorro range />

Traveling with a motorhome with three or even four (electric) bicycles? Or a scooter and a bicycle?

This is possible with on of the new models from our Zorro range.

Zorro 3bike bike carrier

Now available, the Zorro as a bicycle carrier. With the Zorro 3bike you can easily transport three (electric) bicycles and with the Zorro 4bike you can even carry four (electric) bicycles! If you choose the Zorro 3bike, you can simply expand this to a Zorro 4bike with the seperate one bike extension kit.

Zorro scootbike scooter and bike carrier

Do you want to take your scooter and an (electric) bicycle? That is possible with the Zorro Scootbike: a Zorro foldable scooter carrier with extension kit for one bike.

Zorro foldable scooter carrier

The Zorro foldable scooter carrier is the ideal scooter carrier for a motorhome, standard suitable for one scooter. Your current or new Zorro scooter carrier can of course be expanded to a Scootbike with the separate extension kit for one bike.

The Zorro versions for scooter are supplied standard with a loading ramp and wheelfix for the scooter rail, this is a wheel clamp that conveniently secures the front wheel. We advise to fasten the scooter to the carrier with the optional scooter fixation kit.

The Zorro versions for bicycles are supplied standard with a bike arm and a set of bike shoes for each bike. Of course the extension skit for one bike also includes the bike arm and the set of bike shoes.

All models in the Zorro range are mounted to the motorhome chassis, are foldable with a self-tilting light board and are removable without tools. A lightboard with modern LED lighting is available for a surcharge. All models have a load capacity of 150 kg.

Interested in the Zorro models or curious about the possibilities for you? Make an inquiry for your motorhome or contact a dealer near you.