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Help prevent damage to your motorhome's undercarriage by mounting these skid wheels to your motorhome chassis (extension). 

Typical challenges for motorhome owners include narrow curves, small offsets on camp sites and steep ramps on ferry crossings. These challenges may pose major issues for some motorhomes and skid wheels can be a huge help in these situations as they prevent the chassis from hitting the ground.Often the ground clearance of motorhomes is not sufficient. Repeated impact may damage the overhang, the chassis extension, rear body work or the exhaust. This set of skid wheels is intended to be fitted to the chassis/chassis extension of a motorhome and is impact resistant.The set consists of one pair of wheels, fitting hardware and suits nearly any vehicle. They are best fitted as far to the rear of the chassis as possible to optimize its functioning. The dimension of the hole centre is 145 mm which corresponds with most common hole centres of towbars and chassis/chassis extension.


  • Material bracket that holds the wheel: Steel, galvanized
  • Material wheel: Nylon
  • Bearing: No


  • Avoid those horrible grounding experiences,
  • Skid Wheels provide shock absorbing protection for the rear of your vehicle,
  • Easy installation. Fits Alko Chassis or Extensions, and to most Type Approved Towbars.
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