Awning straps; secure your awning (set of two pieces)

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Awning straps, set of two pieces. Tent pegs are not included.

An opened awning of a motorhome or caravan that is not secured can be damaged badly once a gust of wind or even storm takes hold of it. Weather kits, ties, storm straps, it’s all out there, but Memo offers a better and faster solution with our awning straps.
The awning straps easily slide in the front rail of the awning and are tightened to the ground with the cords. The buckle and clasps allow you to adjust it to the right settings. An additional advantage is offered as the pressure is distributed equally over the entire awning. The awning straps are suitable for all awning brands including Thule, Omnistor, Prostor, Dometic (with excep- tion of the PW1750 model) and Fiamma. 

Material buckle/clasp: plastic and steel
Material cords: fabric
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