Van-Swing tow ball & bike rack module suitable for Vans

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If your camper van or motorhome has opening doors at the rear, fitting a bike rack can be difficult, expensive or impractical. The VAN-Swing from MEMO is designed for vehicles which are already fitted with a tow bar and makes it simple to carry bikes on a tow ball mounted rack, with safety while still being able to fully open the rear doors.

The VAN-Swing has a sturdy, steel section which, at one end, mounts on an existing tow ball and, at the other, bolts to the vehicle’s chassis – in most cases making use of existing mounting holes. A pivoting arm with a tow ball attached is secured to the main section and any tow ball-mounted cycle carrier can be attached. When you want to open the doors, simply remove the locking pin and swing the arm away with the cycle rack still in position.

The low height of the bike carrier makes it much easier and more comfortable to put bikes on and off, especially if the bikes are electric models.

The VAN-Swing is suitable for all Fiat Ducato vans (and variants from Citroen / Peugeot) form 2006 onwards. An integrated 13-pin extension kit for the electric socket is included.

Please note that the VAN-Swing itself is not suitable for towing.


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